Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thoughts and prayers for the new year.

Father, I am just so grateful for the many ways I see You working and speaking into my life. Starting with Passion 2012; the reading plan for this year - with some structure and some freedom; the desire to know and walk in Your will and the joy of discovery; finding my satisfaction in You; understanding, learning, growing in the motive of my heart to do whatever I do in a way that honors and glorifies You – this is what Jesus did. I’m just so excited, Lord, knowing that each day I will be drawing closer to You, my sweet Lord, drawing closer to Jesus, knowing Him is a deeper way, rejoicing in Him, living in Him and Him in me. I am just so blessed.

And Father, I pray that this journey that we are on will over flow with Your grace and love towards those around me, those whom You bring into my life, that they might see You. This is still my prayer, Lord – more of You and less of me.

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